Monday, February 22, 2010


Outside my window... It's nearing daybreak; I can see the silhouettes of bare trees against the sky. We're coming off a wonderful spring-like weekend, but I think today is going to be cloudy, rainy, and cooler. Bleh. It's been such a wet, gray winter here. I'm ready for green!

I am thinking... that I need to get off this computer and get my day started! I need to make breakfast, lunches, start the crockpot, and shower. But I don't wanna...

I am thankful for... God's provision for our family.

From the learning rooms... My Girl is still struggling with adjusting to the online writing class I signed her up for. I know, one of the reasons I signed her up was so she could get used to meeting weekly assignments from someone other than me, and that is definitely happening. And she isn't happy. And I expected that. But it doesn't make it any more fun to live through! I keep thinking and hoping that over time it will get better :-)

From the kitchen... right now, all is quiet. But I need to get going. Honey Nut Cheerios w/ blueberries for my breakfast, make lunches for us to take to co-op, and start the crockpot -- I'm thinking beef tips for dinner.

I am wearing... warm & fuzzy pjs and I'm wrapped in an afghan that My Man brought back from his trip to Africa. I love the rough, hand-woven texture of it.

I am creating... I heard about "Oil Rubbed Bronze" spray paint on one of the blogs I read (Thrifty Decor Chick), and it was something I'd been needing awhile. All my fixtures, knobs, etc. in our house are ORB, and the front door knob has been showing wear for several months now. So I finally picked up a can yesterday at walmart, and I'll be spraying that this week. There are a couple of other places around the house that could use a spray, too, so who knows what kind of mess I'll be creating?!

I am going... to spend all day today in co-op. Tomorrow night is our homeschool group meeting, which will center on homeschooling high school.

I am reading... "My Life in France" by Julia Child. I'm enjoying it so far. I saw the movie "Julie & Julia" last summer with My Girl, and I've been on the waitlist for the book at the library ever since. It finally came in last week.

I am hoping...

I am hearing... a few birds outside the window. Could that mean spring is somewhere around the corner? I hope so!

Around the house... I worked in the yard doing some winter cleanup in the gardens. I cut back the butterfly bushes and the hydrangea, and cleared away the spent stalks of perennials. Things look a little bare, but much neater!

One of my favorite things... is enjoying movies with My Girl. We went to see "When in Rome" this weekend. It was a fairly innocent, slightly silly romcom, but My Girl hasn't seen many of those yet, and she loved it. I loved seeing her love it, and enjoyed the time with her.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Nothing big on the plate here. We're gearing up for Speech & Debate season, so we'll be working on those speeches. First tournament for us is in 3 weeks.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing.. Here's a picture of our house from last April -- my favorite time of year. Green grass, green buds on the trees, blue skies, warm temperatures. Ah, spring! I can hear you whispering!

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Kristine said...

Oh, your house looks so peaceful--and springlike! I'm also eagerly waiting for spring, as we still have lots of snow on the ground. I need to look at last year's pics too. :)

I loved the book My Life in France, although I'd never given Julia Child a second thought. (In my mind, she was just an old PBS chef who spoke funny.) I didn't see the Julie & Julia movie, but I heard it was much better than the (awful) book.

Ooh, fun to hear about hsing high school! I enjoy hearing the advice of others, don't you?