Saturday, March 29, 2014

Reading List: The Enchanted April

I finished "The Enchanted April" by Elizabeth von Arnim this past week.  My overall impression of this book is that it seemed like a British Lit beach read, if you know what I mean.  It was set in 1920's England, and told the story of 4 women, strangers to each other,  who each wanted to get away from the dreariness of their lives in March in London.  So they went in together to share the rent for a castle in Italy for the month of April. They start out thinking they each want a month of alone time to recharge. Of course, they all reflect on their lives, and the springtime in Italy works magic on them.  It is a sweet story, has marriages renewed and relationships born, and ends happily for all.  Also lots of flowers and sunshine in the Italian countryside.  If there had been a "Top Ten Books for your Beach Bag" list in 1920's England, this would have been on it.

Note: I watched the movie version from Amazon Prime (free instant watch).  I have to say I was disappointed. Granted, it was made in 1991, but it didn't convey the magic of the flowers and seaside the way I had envisioned.  It seemed too dark, but that could have been film quality.  Funny how in my mind, 1991 wasn't that long ago.  But when you watch a movie made in 1991 you're reminded of how far things have come since then!

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